About DSM

The delicate and necessary balance for a sophisticated and environmentally conscious society is increasingly prevalent. The beginning of this vision lies in well-informed, innovative, responsible industrial firms to build the many products we rely on from only the finest and safest materials.

Unique by its location, commitment and expertise, Dead Sea Magnesium {DSM} Ltd. is the proud producer of the highest quality Magnesium worldwide. With help from the magical and boundless resources of the Dead Sea, Israel Chemicals Ltd. {ICL}, DSM's vision of being a trustworthy producer as well as an international research center has become a successful reality.

Representing a major investment on the part of its world class shareholder, DSM is advancing Magnesium's vast potential as the preferred metal for high quality and ecologically sound products.

As one of the world's largest solar evaporation operations and relying on highly qualified focused R&D resources and industrial engineering support, at all levels of production, DSM is among the most dependable Magnesium producers and experts today.

DSM is committed to creating and maintaining a clean and safe environment while transforming raw materials into quality products that stand the test of time. Our high standards ensure durable, superior products supplied under reliable conditions, worldwide.