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Magnesium alloys for high temperature applications

MRI 153M, MRI 230D, MRI201S and MRI202S are patented magnesium alloys developed by Dead Sea Magnesium Ltd. for high temperature applications. MRI153M and MRI 230D are designed for die casting process while MRI 201S and MRI 202S are designed for sand and permanent mold casting processes

MRI153M is a cost-effective creep resistant magnesium alloy with the capability of long-term operation at temperatures up to 150ºC under high loads. This alloy exhibits die Castability, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties at ambient temperature, similar or better than those of AZ91D alloy. The creep resistance of the alloy is substantially superior to that of commercial magnesium alloys at temperature of 130-150ºC under stresses of 50-80MPa. The main applications targeted by this alloy include gearbox housings, valve covers, intake manifolds, oil pans, oil pumps and many under the hood components.

MRI 230D is a die-casting alloy that was developed to address the power train applications of the automotive industry such as engine blocks, bedplates and high performance gearbox housings operating at 190-200ºC. The alloy has excellent creep resistance combined with good castability, high strength and superior corrosion behavior.

MRI 201S & MRI 202S are a sand and permanent mold casting alloys designed to operate at extremely high temperature and high loads. These alloys in the T6 condition exhibit excellent mechanical properties and creep resistance combined with good Castability; pressure tightness, weldability, dimensional stability and corrosion resistance. The alloys are designated for high temperature applications up to 250°C. The main applications targeted by this alloys are engine blocks, engine cylinder heads and aerospace transmission housings.

Commercial Magnesium Alloys for High Pressure Die Casting

High pressure die casting is an area where there is a tremendous potential for magnesium alloys growth, particularly related to automotive applications associated with the requirements for lighter weight, improved performance and increased safety.

AZ91D is the most commonly used Mg alloy which exhibits excellent Castability and high strength combines with adequate ductility.

AM60B and AM50A alloys are designated for high energy absorption applications and components requiring ductile failure modes such as steering wheels

Pure Magnesium

DSM offers two types of pure Mg products in several ingots dimensions and T-Bars in order to provide its Customers with the highest flexibility and increase its operation efficiency.

The pure Mg of 99.80% purity is designated mainly for the Al alloying industry. The T-Bars length can be machined according to the customer requirements.

The low iron Mg with 99.95% purity is an exclusive DSM product which is mainly intended for Zirconium & Titanium reduction.