Research & Development

Part of what makes DSM a worldwide Magnesium supplier of excellence is our dedication to solving the challenging needs of your industry. DSM carefully targets research and development activities and has a close collaboration with the best available associates.
In recognition that the pursuit and discovery of the latest information is crucial to providing you with optimal raw materials, DSM has its own department of R&D.
DSM's R&D is where our customers receive technical support and where research is conducted to develop new alloys, new products and optimize casting and plastic forming techniques. The R&D is consistently seeking innovative products and processes while discovering new markets for magnesium use and applications.
Most major car manufacturers and their suppliers work with the
MRI to develop lightweight products that are found in today's vehicles and the passenger cars of tomorrow. A successful example of such efforts is the development of heat resistant alloys.
This unique development has led to worldwide recognition and commercialization of new MRI alloys for use in oilpans, gearboxes and numerous other powertrain components and commercial goods.
Our technological know-how, various affiliations and considerable amount of support provides DSM with the ability to increase productivity, reduce costs and ensure state-of-the art production to achieve maximum product quality. We will put our best resources at your service to enhance your end-product's performance on all levels.