Technical support

The growing use of magnesium alloys for different applications combined with the demand to improved service performance requires comprehensive technical support.
The DSM's technical support portfolio includes a variety of technical services that aim at addressing the technical services requirements of our customers.
The technical services are provided by the professional staff of DSM's R&D and the production foundry personnel. These services are also supported by the R&D facilities: Optical Emission Spectroscopy, Metallographic laboratory including Scanning electron microscopy with EDS analysis, Die casting and recycling laboratories, Mechanical tests laboratory including Tension, Compression , Creep and Fatigue testing as well as Corrosion and Radiography laboratories. This comes in addition to the R&D special laboratories for evaluating metal cleanliness in terms of magnesium oxides and other nonmetallic inclusions and salts.
The technical services introduced in this portfolio can be received either directly through DSM's marketing representatives or by submitting an E-mail request to DSM website:

List of technical services

  • Ingots remelting including preheating and charging procedure.

  • Molten metal handling.

  • Protective gas atmosphere for molten magnesium.

  • Chemical analysis according to ASTM/EN/DIN Standards.

  • Metal cleanliness analysis (Quantitative analyses of Mg oxides and Cl-).

  • Safe handling of magnesium.

  • Melting equipment – design & selection.

  • Failure analysis of parts including evaluation of casting defects.

  • In-house recycling- consultancy & support.

  • Storage conditions of magnesium ingots and parts.

  • Consultancy on secondary operations: machining, and corrosion protection.

  • Die casting trials and supply of test specimens.

  • Remelting and casting procedures for MRI alloys.