Why Magnesium

As seductive as its name, the most exceptional features of Magnesium are based on its inherent properties.
Essential to making the lightest, thinnest products, Magnesium provides durability, heat dissipation performance and radio frequency shielding giving user's valuable quality expected in most products nowadays.

Magnesium's potential for ecological reliability, high performance, outstanding design flexibility and overall consumer satisfaction is boundless.
Already a preferred metal of choice in the automotive industry
(Contributing to lower weight, less fuel consumption and pollution, competitive manufacturing and assembly costs), Magnesium is also used to provide strength, rigidity and corrosion resistance to aluminum alloys, reduces sulphur in steel and improves the properties of nodular iron.
Light, strong, tough, safe and cost efficient, Magnesium is an all-encompassing solution to a mobile lifestyle and environmental responsibility. DSM has taken the extra step in securing Magnesium as the metal of our future by being a reliable producer, researcher, developer, business partner and supplier.